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Application for Entranceway Permit 

By Law No.2020-52

Application Fee (Schedule a Fee & Changes)

Type of Entranceway
To construct entranceway on the ______ side of Township Road.
This entranceway will be used for the following purpose:

All the statements and representations contained in the attached documents filed in support of this Application shall be deemed part of this application for all purposes. Sufficient information shall be Submitted with each application to enable the Road Superintendent to determine whether or not the proposed work will conform with the standards as set by Council and any other applicable law.


An application for a permit may be deemed to have been abandoned and cancelled six months after The date of filling unless such application is being seriously proceeded with.

Am the authorized owner/agent of the owner named In the above application and I certify the truth of all statements or representations therein. Where the applicant proposes to carry out the construction of an entranceway himself or to have a Qualified contractor performs the work, the following special provisions apply:

  • The Applicant will save the Municipality harmless and thus assume all risk and liability when granted the permit.
  • The Applicant is responsible for any damages to person and property caused by the work and shall obtain appropriate Public Liability and Property Insurance.
  • The Applicant will, at all times, carry out the work in such a manner as to create a minimum of Interference with normal road traffic.  It is required to use proper precautions such as barricades, Lights and flag persons to safeguard the travelling public. The Applicant shall take precautions At all times to protect pedestrians in accordance with Book 7.
  • The entranceway shall be constructed in accordance with the Township By-Law No. 2020—52.
  • The Applicant is required to construct the entranceway within 6 months of the date of this permit.

I understand that the issuance of a permit shall not be deemed a waiver of any of the provisions of any By—law or regulations, not withstanding anything included in or omitted from the plans or other material filed in support of or in connection with the above application.

I further acknowledge that in the event the permit is revoked for any cause or irregularity or con—conformity with by—laws and/or regulations, there shall be no right to claim whatsoever against the Municipality or any official thereof and any such claim is hereby expressly waived.

I further acknowledge that the cost of the entranceway is the responsibility of the Applicant.

I have read and thoroughly understand the conditions, specifications and regulations relating to this application.


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