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Fireworks authorization Form
By-law No.99-35

Section 3 and 4 of By-law No.99-35 states that the setting off of any fireworks within the limits of the Township of East Hawkesbury or in any area defined as the territory of the Township of East Hawkesbury is hereby prohibited unless written authorization has been obtained from the Fire Chief for the holding of fireworks. It is agreed that even where permission has been obtained to hold fireworks, the applicant (who must be at least 18 years of age) remains responsible for all damages incurred.

Additional requirements

Fireworks must come from an official supplier and not from the black market.

Fireworks must be held within the property to which the permit is issued and cannot be launched on public property.

A source of water must be nearby in case a fire needs to be extinguished.

Fireworks must not disturb neighbors.

Read the manufacturer's operating instructions carefully.

Pyrotechnics are prohibited.

The applicant has reviewed the fireworks regulations and agrees:

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